[Project] Consulting

2019-11-06 07:23
"Consulting Project"

The word “consulting” may sound confusing but in short, it is basically assisting small companies in Austin in areas they need improvements for their business. It is a pro-bono service providing free assistance and ideas of solutions for their business problems. Some of the areas of improvement may include but not limited to marketing (advertising/logos), technology (website/app), and business (target customer/cost reduction). Any major is welcomed and no background knowledge is needed! We will learn everything with shared resources. If you are interested but not ready to participate yet, you can still join the team and shadow our team. Communications and presentation of solutions as a team to real companies will be a HUGE boost to your resume. Some interested companies such as food trucks, a beverage company, and house rental service have reached out to us for our services. Since we can come up with more diverse and creative solutions/proposals for our clients, we welcome as many members as possible.